Real Estate Law & Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Our Real Estate Law & Litigation Services Include:

» Contracts
» Leases
» Deeds
» Easements and Rights of Way

» Ownership and Boundary Disputes
» Co-Owner Disputes
» Agricultural Preservation Planning

Real Estate Deeds, Contracts, and Leases

We represent clients in the preparation, negotiation, and drafting of Deeds, Contracts, and Leases.

Deeds are frequently used to make gifts to spouses and children, and are often viewed as an easy way to avoid probate by providing for automatic succession of title on death of a co-owner. Titling is an important consideration, and the language used can be of vital consequence. We offer clients advice on whether or not changing a Deed for estate planning is wise, and are able to help our clients make informed decisions before changing title.
Life Estate Deeds can be an effective means to pass property outside of the probate process, and in certain instances, can assist with long-term Medicaid planning. However, they are not to right choice for everyone, and Life Estate Deeds are not an effective way to reduce or avoid death taxes.

The decision to execute a Gift Deed should be undertaken only after securing legal advice to make sure your goals are being achieved. Placing someone else on your title can expose your asset to the claims of creditors of your co-owner, or make your asset a target in someone else’s divorce case. Our attorneys can discuss with you the pros and cons of creating Gift Deeds, and provide you with the peace of mind of making an informed decision.

For real estate succession and tax planning, you may need to consider transferring investment real estate into a closely held and controlled limited liability company. Again, that option is not right for everyone, but if it offers you and your family substantial benefits, our attorneys will identify and discuss the real estate limited liability company with you.

We have assisted many clients with a diverse range of real estate needs, including purchases & sales, leases, seller-financed mortgages, boundary disputes, right-of-way issues, agricultural preservation, easements, generational succession, life estates, partition and sale in lieu of partition actions among co-owners, and tax deferred like-kind (1031) exchanges.



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