Business Law & Litigation

Business Law Litigation

Our Business Law & Litigation Services Include:

» Business Formation
» Business Governance
» Contracts
» Buy-Sell Agreements

» Business Succession Planning
» Insurance Coverage Analysis
» Dissolution of LLCs and Partnerships

Business Law and Formation

Rutledge|Aitken offers you advice and counsel in the formation of your business, often in coordination with your CPA, assisting you with the creation of the entity that will serve you the best, whether you choose to incorporate or form a limited liability company, commonly known as a LLC, or operate as a sole proprietor or a traditional partnership.

We prepare formational documents for all business entities as well as the governing instruments in addition to resolutions for the operation of the business.

LLC’s are governed by the all-important Operating Agreement, which is a document that should be crafted to suit your needs and wishes. A good Operating Agreement for a multi-member LLC will provide restrictions on the transfer of ownership and buy-sell provisions in the event of the disability, death, or bankruptcy of one of the members.

Likewise, corporations are governed by By-laws and Stockholder Agreements and partnerships by the Partnership Agreement. These vital documents create a solid foundation for the operating and governance of these business entities.

Owners of farms or investment real estate need sound legal advice in considerations of real estate trusts, LLC’s, or partnerships.



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